We are going to have a BABY!

I am so excited to announce that Justin and I are expecting! We made the announcement to the world on Saturday and I am so excited to finally scream it from the rooftops! It has been my DREAM for to be a mom one day and I am so excited to start this journey.


I have received a ton of awesome questions since announcing so I though I would share some that have been frequently asked:

How far along are you?  I am currently 12 weeks and finally on my way out of the first trimester!

Will you find out the gender? YES! Justin and I both agree that we would never be able to wait that long to find out and we want to prepare!

How have you been feeling? Mostly exhausted- I will be making a separate post focused on my entire first trimester soon.

Are you showing yet? Sort of.. it’s hard to explain! It kind of comes and goes? But the bump is on it’s way- thats for sure!

Has it been hard with Justin away? It definitely is, but our separation will end soon! I am really grateful that my Mom has attended a few appointments with me. I am really excited to go to the next ones with Justin!

Do you want to know anything else? Let me know! I am excited to document and share this journey.

xoxo- Susan


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