Halfway there!

(Well… a little over halfway.. since I am 23 weeks now!)

Since entering into my second trimester, my energy levels have sky rocketed.. I almost feel the same energy I had before I was pregnant. I can stay up until 10 pm (shocking-I know LOL)  and I have more energy to workout! I try to do something active most days. “They” suggest you get moving at least 30 minutes a day and that’s been my goal. I have been lifting (light) weights 3 to 4 days a week, walking or hiking and I have started incorporating more yoga.


My bump is progressively growing and my clothes are progressively shrinking. I am actually really excited to have my little bump.. it can just annoying having to buy new clothes or try on 9 different shirts until you find one that still fits. A lot of my shirts are  too short now, especially since I have to wear a lot of my pants under my bump. But I have picked up a few maternity items that I have been adding into my wardrobe (mostly shorts, pants and basic tops.) I have also found a few non maternity items that are bump friendly- which is awesome because I will have those items to wear post baby! (I have been thinking of doing some maternity style posts, focusing on how to make it on a budget- stay tuned!)

Sleeping is hit or miss. Some nights I fall fast asleep and feel totally fine, while other nights, I toss and turn just trying to get comfortable. I ordered a “pregnancy pillow” from Amazon and I am honestly not impressed. I assumed it would be this magical answer to my prayers, and while it can be nice, I still get uncomfortable. Often my arm falls asleep or I end up sleeping on my shoulder on a weird angle. Often, I just sleep without it and put a regular  pillow between my knees. I can’t wait to sleep on my belly again one day- LOL!


As far as cravings go.. I still don’t think I have had any that are too crazy. The other weekend I really wanted a ginger ale, which is pretty abnormal, I guess that’s about it! Justin recently told me how surprised he is because he always assumed he’d be out at midnight getting me a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a jar of pickles.. which makes me think I am missing an opportunity here!

Lastly, the greatest thing ever are Maverick’s KICKS! I started feeling them around 18 weeks but they grew much stronger closer to 20 weeks and now, I feel them all the time! He’s usually pretty active first thing in the morning and then later at night when I’m heading to bed. It is such an amazing feeling that I’m not even sure I can describe unless you’ve felt it yourself. It is absolutely amazing.

Here are some clips from our 3D ultrasound that we got at 20 weeks!

Thank you for for checking in on my latest bumpdate, and stay tuned for more!





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