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Maverick is Half a Year Old!

This past weekend, Maverick had his half birthday! I know that it sounds completely cliche, but it’s true what they say – TIME FLIES when your babies are little. He has grown so much these past six months both mentally and physically (his cheeks just keep getting more squishable and squishable by the day!) He has the silliest little personality and he is always sticking out his tongue and smiling.

He’s sitting up, army crawling, eating, laughing, babbling and he is crazy obsessed with our pets.

Maverick started sitting up around 4 and a half months and he started army crawling a few weeks ago. He has been so eager to get moving and he finally did! I was so proud.. but also nervous because now he’s on the move! He has also started to rock back and fourth on his feet when he’s in the crawling position, so I think it won’t be long until he has his is belly off the floor.

We also recently started  solids! So far he is a big fan of oatmeal, peas, sweet potatoes and bananas. He absolutely loves making a mess and feeding himself with the spoon!

I can’t wait to see how Maverick blossoms and grows of the next 6 months. It is the most amazing experience to watch his little mind work and I know this is only the beginning!



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