Our Snowy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2019 was our second Thanksgiving in Utah and second away from our family. The miles always seem so much longer during holidays. But we do make the very most of it! We love making our our traditions and enjoying time together. We are so thankful for all of our blessings and thankful to be living in a time that everyone is just a phone call away.

We woke up early and watched the Macey’s Thanksgiving Day parade. It’s always been one of my favorite ways to start off the day. Maverick enjoyed watching the Sesame Street segment and seeing the Chase from Paw Patrol balloon.

Then I spent most of the day in the kitchen! I baked our 16 pound turkey for 5 hours (it turned out even better than last year- I think the butter and the excessive basting helped!) I also made creamy mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, stuffing and Justin’s Grandmother’s famous pumpkin pie!

We had a beautiful white thanksgiving! It snowed all day Wednesday and most of the day on Thursday. Once we finished eating our weight in turkey we went outside to play in the snow.

How was your thanksgiving? Did you spend it with family or do you do your own thing?

XOXO- Susan

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