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Surviving As a One Car Family

Yep, you read that right! We are a one car family and have been for almost 3 years.

When Justin enlisted into the military we had two cars (and two car payments.) After basic training, he came home for two weeks before heading to tech school. During that time, we traded in both of our cars and bought a brand new Ford Escape. It was great because we were no longer paying for Justin’s car to sit in the driveway and I was using our brand new car while he was away for the next 8 months. Then we made our way to Utah and it was the perfect car for our road trip.


But once we got here, the reality for having only one car set in.

Of course, if I need the car we make it work. So if there is an activity for Maverick, a doctors appointment or errands to run, I do get the car (I promise I do leave the house!) I will take Justin to work in the morning  or he will come home during his lunch break and we will drive him back to base after lunch. It seems like it would be easy, but in reality- it sucks having to plan out every trip out of the house.

I’ve had my own car since I was 16, I’ve always had the freedom to come and go throughout the day as I please and not having that was a HUGE adjustment.


When I feel myself getting frustrated, I think about that extra car payment. I think about how we are essentially living on one income (I do some part time work from home, but it is a temporary position.) I think about our decision for me to be a stay at home mom. I think about how much I love spending my days with Maverick. I think about how important my time is with him.

Sometimes it’s easy to throw a pity party and want to complain about how I feel trapped at home- but it’s also not worth it to dwell on those feelings for too long, especially since I know this season is temporary.

Life with one car is hard. It requires more planning and spontaneous trips to Starbucks are few and far between. But the temporary sacrifice is worth it. I know that soon enough we will be getting another car, and the  every day trips out of the house will be easier. So until then, I will be making my coffee at home and saving my Target trips for the weekend.

XOXO- Susan


1 thought on “Surviving As a One Car Family”

  1. You have such a good attitude.I am proud of you can do, make d attitude. At the end of the day,it is attitude the counts. Hugs,Mom,Mom


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