military spouse

The Next Step in Justin’s Military Career

ACS_0812If you follow us on any of our social media platforms then you heard the amazing news- Justin was accepted to attend Officer Training School! This is a HUGE goal that he has been after since he enlisted in the Air Force and I couldn’t be more proud. So please excuse me while I brag for a second…

For these past two and half years Justin has put in so much work- he’s completed his college degree, joined honor guard, was awarded Airman of the Quarter, was awarded Airman Below the Zone (and was promoted 6 months early), and even took his first flying lesson- all while working full time and being a kickbutt Dad and husband.

He has been working so hard and we are over the moon excited that it all paid off!

This past OTS board had an overall selection rate of 11%. That is CRAZY.

So what does all this mean for us as a family? There will be a move this year! We are pretty certain we know where we’ll be headed next, just waiting on the official OFFICIAL word (if you’re military know what I mean 😉)

Have questions about Justin’s OTS journey? Feel free to leave them below or send them our way. We would love to sit down and film a video to share his journey so far in case it could help any other OTS hopefuls!

Xoxo- Susan

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