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PCS-ing During a Pandemic

Those are words I never even considered when starting this military spouse journey. The idea of moving during a global pandemic made me queasy- but we had to do it. I had to swallow my fear, trust in God and find a way to keep moving forward.

To be honest, it was not as scary once it happened. We followed social distancing guidelines, wore my mask, sanitized like crazy, and made smart choices for our family.

Back at the end of May, Justin headed to Officer Training School and I stayed behind in Utah to prepare for the movers. My Dad and Stepmom came out to help me with Maverick and pets. Then we were off to the east coast, where we would be for another month until Justin graduated from OTS and the McCoog Squadron headed down to our new home in Florida.

So needless to say, we ended up doing a lot of travel this summer…way more than I would have liked given the circumstances.

But I do have a few tips that helped make the journey(s) easier and helped me feel safe. I hope if you are facing a similar situation they can help you!

  • Keep a hand sanitizer pump in your cup holder! This way it is available for easy access and you can sanitize right away after pumping gas or running into a rest stop.
  • If you are traveling with a baby or toddler- change diapers in the car. This way you don’t have to have any added stress of your toddler touching ALL THE THINGS in the public bathroom.
  • Keep multiple masks in your glove compartment. That way they are quick and easy to grab and don’t get misplaced in the car.
  • Bring antibacterial wipes or spray for the hotel. I honestly felt very safe in the hotels that we stayed in. They all were following the same protocol, and doing extra cleaning after each guest. But for peace of mind, I liked to wipe down all of the major touch points in each room.
  • And this last tip isn’t pandemic related- but something new I started doing and LOVED. Pack ONE bag with outfit for each person in your family for the length of your trip. That way you only have to take one bag into the hotel at night. It SAVED so much hassle getting everyone from the car and into the room after a long day on the road. I can not recommend this enough!

I hope you are all staying safe out there!




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